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I think this conversation between myself and a friend of mine about this sums it up.

me: that song is only a seventeen second loop, but it sure doesn't sound like a boring-ass loop.
him: No, it doesn't.
him: I didn't realise it was a loop at first.
him: That's pretty impressive.

so, yeah... that's pretty much it. short and sweet, and easy to listen to incessantly. :)


Pachelbel's Canon! ^O^ I love, love, love, LOVE this song. you did it justice here. good job. :D

but next time, a suggestion: I'd like to see you take this and do a variation on it without following it note from note--take James Galway's version, for example. he didn't play the song note for note, but he was still very faithful to it. I'd love to see you do something like it (but don't cover James' version either).

too cute!

I really, really enjoyed this song. I'll have to play it for my nieces and nephews sometime in the near future. :)

your friend has a very nice voice, and your choice of instruments for this song was excellent.

do you plan on making any more songs like this?


now, this is some SMOOTH jazz. I could easily see this being played in a smoky room in a club somewhere--in the twenties and thirties, no less. EXCELLENT. this is definitely going in my favorites list.

good lord!!

wow... this is BEAUTIFUL. what instruments/programs did you use to make this song? this song is amazing.

PianoFortress responds:

Atmosphere most likely. with the piano from East West Orchestra

not bad.

this is nice--as are your other songs--but, are you going to upload anything that you made 100% on your own, instead of cover songs?

(mind you, I'm only assuming that your Mixed Rhythms submissions was you playing with the preset rhythms on your keyboard--feel more than free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Compaq272 responds:

Damn my cousin for writing that reply and the description for the first submission. Yes I was playing with the preset ones. If you see any that say they aren't preset, let me know.

hooray for gobstoppers.

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