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three stars because Ramones and Steam Powered Giraffe--I'm not a fan of the Clock Day videos because that's a part of Newgrounds that I've just never understood, but hey, good music choices.

minus a half star because you didn't even mention SPG or their song in the credits.

I loved the 8-bit rendering of Pachelbel's Canon in this. and the story was a very enjoyable read. good work. :)

the nostalgia, it BURNS! (ow, my feels. x_x)

no, but seriously, I saw this, and I LOVED it! 5/5, and favorited. GREAT job! :D


thanks to this AWESOME collab, I am now one of many fans of Andrew of Songs to Wear Pants To. seriously, y'all--excellent work. if not for your excellent flash skills AS WELL AS Andrew's excellent musical skills, I don't think he'd be *as* popular as he is now.

so, EXCELLENT work. :)

absolutely PERFECT.

this movie never fails to make me guffaw, and I do mean NEVER. all the way down to Mario's accent (was that intentional), this was done VERY well. what seals it for me is the fact that I think we all can relate to how Mario must feel. Peach is ALWAYS getting her dumb ass captured, isn't she? XD

anyway, excellent work--I'd love to see you make more similar shorts involving other video game characters. not something lame like "Mad Mad Yoshi", but rather, things that might involve what they usually do, but... a deviation from the norm like this one is, since we never see Mario getting angry at Peach in the game.


I saw that this was on the front page, and I love VGCats, so I clicked on it. then, instead of watching it right away, I viewed the first four parts. part one got a 3, part two got a 4, and parts three, four and five all got a 5 each.

excellent work--you improved very rapidly between parts and it shows. keep going with this. :D


oh, how I lol'd. XD I especially enjoyed the last part with Newgrounds walking by. that just completely sealed it for me. well done. :D


this was a very "WTF" worthy April Fool's joke. well done!

I certainly got the message.

10/10, 5/5. period. no ifs, ands or buts about it. the music is beautiful and otherworldly, and so is the video--wonderfully so, I'll add. I sense a slight Yellow Submarine era Beatles influence in parts of the video (such as the walking hand)... this was a treat for my eyes and ears. :D

thank you for working so hard on this and sharing it with us. I don't see much that could be improved--not even the animation or the style. if you were to redo this animation to "fix" it in any way whatsoever, I think you'd basically ruin the effect you have in it already. well done!


okay, I'm sorry, but if people don't like this, or even connect to this in some way, then they're either missing the point, or they have hearts of stone.

no, you didn't make me cry, and no you didn't particularly move me in any emotional way, but that's not because you failed (since, you know, you DIDN'T fail), but rather because I've already been, through friends and loved ones, dealing with the very subject of racism. as a result, this was just an affirmation of what I've had to watch the people that I love deal with.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this flash movie. seriously--THANK YOU. I will DEFINITELY be showing this to my friends.

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you, my dear lady, are welcome

hooray for gobstoppers.

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